Living Well with Troy Thompson: Lower Back Exercise

(41NBC/WMGT) — Today Troy Thompson and local Fitness Trainer Deeric Williams discuss the issues of lower back pain and how you can exercise through it.

Many people who experience back pain tend to want to stop working out but there are ways around this and they’re very beneficial! You can still do squats but you want to emphasize the strain of the weight on your hips instead of trying to compress your spine. You can use a back brace to help support your lower back though it is not recommended to rely on it. Be careful as you exercise with lower back pain, focus on doing the correct forms or you risk hurting your back even more.

A good exercise for not just your back but your core as well is the Elevated Leg Crunch where you want to lay on your back and elevate your legs like you’re sitting on an invisible chair, from there you proceed to do your normal crunches.

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