Living Well with Troy Thompson: Ear Pain

(41NBC/WMGT) — Today Troy Thompson and local ENT Dr. Joel Hoffman discuss ear pain and what to do if you’re experiencing it.

Not to be confused with the ringing in your ears, ear pain (officially known as Otalgia) as an intense pain you can feel from deep within your ear and can be caused by many different things.

Most might think about swimmer’s ear when they think of ear pain which wouldn’t be wrong, Swimmer’s Ear (officially known as Otitis Externa) is when fluid gets stuck behind the eardrum and cause immense discomfort to those who suffer from it. Another cause of ear pain is called TMJ Dysfunction and it’s where a joint in the jaw gets inflamed and the pain is felt up into the ear. Other causes of ear pain can stem from arthritis in the neck to even dental problems!

No matter the cause the best way to deal with ear pain is to seek medical attention and let a doctor diagnose the exact problem where a proper treatment can then be issued.

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