Living Well with Troy Thompson: All About Your Core and Abs

(41NBC/WMGT) — Today Troy Thompson and Fitness Trainer Deeric Williams discuss all about working on your core and abs!

If you’re trying to exercise your core it’s recommended to do it every other day as you’ll want to give the muscles time to recover after each workout and this can be applied to those both new to working out their core as well as veterans. A good exercise to hit all the points on your core is the three point crunch! You’ll do 5 sets (15 reps) which will work out your entire core instead of just one part of it like when doing a normal crunch. You should try doing this exercise and or going to the gym about 3 times a week just to start off and you’ll definitely want to concentrate on exercising in the mornings as that’s when you’ll have your optimal energy.

When trying to work on your core it’s important to remember the amount of calories you in take, calories will go to your core first so you’ll want to watch how many calories you’re taking in by paying attention to the nutrition facts on the packaging of any foods you plan on eating.



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