Keeping organized: removing the clutter in your purse

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Having trouble with unnecessary junk cluttering your purse and weighing you down? Personal organizer Andi Willis returns for a few tricks to help you keep your shoulder gear free and clear of unwanted stuff.

First tip is to simply empty your purse out and take inventory of what’s inside. Any extra lip balm you don’t need? Old receipts? Throw all of it out and only keep what you feel is important.

A purse organizer can also be a useful tool to make sure everything stays where it should. Your favorite lipstick, or perhaps a pack of gum can snugly fit into the miniature carryall. Have a new bag? If everything is stored inside of the purse organizer, it’s now just a one step procedure to transfer everything over.

Andi also recommends every woman should carry a notebook and a pen, even if pens tend to inexplicably disappear. This is a good low-tech option to write down notes, important dates, and phone numbers if your cellphone is lost or just plain out of juice.

Too many shopping receipts and coupons? A vinyl envelope brightly colored and easy to see is a good option to make sure those thin slips of paper are easily accessible when necessary.

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