Keeping Organized: The Kitchen

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – In a span of one’s lifetime, a person can collect what seems to be a tonnage of pots, pans, dishware and utensils, with all of it bursting from stuffed kitchen cabinets and drawers. Professional organizer Andi Willis is back to show us her three favorite tips to help you turn your kitchen nightmare into a kitchen dream.

The first thing on Andi’s list is a liberal use of wire racks to add space in your cabinets. Having a plethora of these storage shelves can allow more space for bowls and glasses without having to stack them on top each other, and avoiding a risk of breaking. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes to fit varying designs of cupboards.

Next up on the list are drawer dividers or baskets. These simple tools can be used to keep separate your knives from your forks and your forks from your spoons. It also prevents your utensils from jumbling around due to frequent openings and closings, keeping an orderly space from turning into an aggravating mess. They also help keep the most used items in the front, and the least used items in the back.

And lastly, Andi suggests using pull-out shelving for larger cabinets. These shelves vary in pricing, but can be acquired from local home improvement centers and are fairly easy to install. With these in place, you will be able to easily reach for items in the back, instead of causing yourself frustration of a possibly bumped head.

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