Jones County Sheriff’s Deputy survives shooting thanks to his bullet proof vest

"This is one of the things every night when you go to bed that you worry that you're going to get that call."

GRAY, Georgia(41NBC/WMGT)— A Jones County Deputy is recovering after he was shot during a traffic stop.

Sheriff Butch Reece says the incident happened early Sunday morning.

“This is one of the things every night when you go to bed that you worry that you’re going to get that call.”

The call was about one of hid deputies being shot. That deputy was John Kile. Thanks to his bullet proof vest though he was left uninjured.

“Thank goodness for the vest and we know he was a blessed man and god looked out for him, you know people don’t realize you’re out there at night by yourself most of the time,” said Sheriff Reece.

Deputy John Kile made a traffic stop on Highway 11 early Sunday morning. Sheriff Reece says footage from Deputy Kile shows him getting shot in the chest after the suspect refused to get out of his vehicle and pulls out a rag that’s wrapped around a gun.

Zachary Lucas Olivar then sped off, leaving several of the Jones County deputies in shock.

“Everytime I watch it, it’s just like wow, you know if he wasn’t wearing that vest, he wouldn’t be here with us, and even though you know he’s okay, it’s tough to watch,” said Captain Travis Dougles.

After being shot, Deputy Kile proceeds back to his patrol car and chases after Olivar. Moments later, thanks to other law enforcement, they were able to stop Olivar. He’s is charged with Aggravated Assault.

Sheriff Reece says despite being shot, Deputy Kile kept going until he was able to stop Olivar.

“I’m very proud of  all of the deputies the way they handled this. They did it the right way, you know it’s hard not to let your emotions overcome you sometimes, they did an excellent job,” said Sheriff Reece.

Sheriff Reece says Deputy Kile’s bullet proof vest saved his life. He’s grateful the incident didn’t end in a tragedy.

As for Deputy Kile, he’s currently at home recovering and will be back to work soon.

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