Jedarrius Meadows Murder trial almost declared a mistrial

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – The Jedarrius Meadows murder trial continued Thursday with the prosecution introducing evidence the defense team was unaware existed.

Assistant District Attorney John Regan told the court he wanted audio tapes of Meadows’s phone conversation with a woman submitted as new evidence.  The five phone conversations were recorded while Meadows was in the Bibb County Jail.

Meadow’s defense attorney, Jay Davis, told Bibb County Superior Court Judge Howard Simms he has never heard the tapes.  Davis asked the court the audio recordings to not be admitted in as evidence, due to “bad faith” by the prosecution.

“This evidence was not newly discovered by the state this morning, while it may have been newly discovered by the D.A.  It was in the state’s possession,” argued Davis. “It has been in the state’s computer one hour an 15 minutes of phone conversations that should and could have been turned over at a prior time.”

According to Davis, the state prosecutors have had access to the recordings since March 2014.  Regan explained he found out about the recordings Thursday morning before court started.

“An investigator found the recordings late last night,” said Regan. “The state would argue the defendant placed himself at the scene of the crime. We believe they are critical to the state to show, the defendant presence and involvement.”

Judge Simms then allowed Meadow’s defense team to hear the taped conversations.  Afterwards, the judge warned Meadows the tapes could damage his case and offered him a mistrial.

“If your attorney wants to move for a mistrial I would grant it […] because you’re the one that could be here to stay,” said Judge Simms.  “I need to know from you, if you want to proceed or do you want to go ahead and declare a mistrial?”

Meadows intially told the judge he wanted a mistrial.  But, after Meadows spoke with his attorney, Davis told the court they wanted to proceed with the trial.

The jury returned to the courtroom to hear Trevonne Starks testify again Thursday.  Jurors watched a video tape of Starks and his mother being questioned by an investigator.

On the video tape the investigator tells Starks, “I saw you at the funeral. I know you have a story to tell.”  Jurors heard Starks recant his story during questioning on the video tape.

The Meadows Murder trial will resume Friday morning.

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