Jadarrius Meadows murder trial starts

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Opening arguments started today for the trial of man accused of shooting and killing a 15-year-old last year on the Macon Little League Baseball Field.

“Everything that my client says in his interview, is absolutely right,” Defense Attorney Jay Davis told the Bibb COunty Superior Court jury.

Davis’ client, Jedarrius Meadows, is on trial for murder.  He is accused of killing Damion Clayton in February 2014.

The Macon Judicial Circuit Assistant District Attorney, John Regan, told jurors the Anthony Road baseball field is a “Field of dreams” for most Macon teenagers.

“This same little league field was not a field of dreams but instead it was a killing field,” said Regan during his opening statements.

Two inmates, Aubrey Williams and Trevonne Starks, testified that Meadows was the gunman, who stood over Clayton’s body and shot him multiple times.

Williams was also charged with Clayton’s murder, but she accepted a deal and pleaded guilty to an armed robbery charge.

The prosecution called Clayton’s sister, Jayla Dillard, to the stand.  Dillard testified she gave her brother $800 just before he was killed.  That money was never recovered when Clayton was found on the baseball field.

Davis questioned Dillard about a shooting where her brother was the target, but the bullet struck an innocent bystander.

“Oh the little girl yea, but I don’t know any details on it,” answered Dillard.

Sixteen-year-old Alyssa Jackson was killed in November 2013, as a gunman was allegedly shooting at Clayton, according to Davis.

Bibb County Sheriff Sgt. Jeffery Woodard showed the jury photos of Clayton’s white bloody hoodie, which remained on the ground after the shooting.  Woodard told the court he found a green leafy substance at the fatal shooting scene.  Davis questioned him, “Was it marijuana?”

The forensic specialist said he did not not test the substance and could not testify that it was marijuana.

Bibb County Superior Court Judge Howard Simms asked courtroom observers to leave if they could not handle graphic photos of Clayton’s body during the autopsy.

The photos were used as evidence during the murder trial.  Craft testified a 9mm gun was used to kill Clayton.  That contradicted Williams’ testimony.  The Bibb County inmate told jurors Meadows used a small revolver to kill Clayton.

Gang affiliations were used throughout the trial including, Crips, Bloods, Mafia, 1012, Bloomfield Gang, and F*** Life.

The Meadows murder trial will continue Thursday.

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