Is your costume safe for Halloween?

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT)- Halloween is full of fun, candy and an opportunity to dress as anything you wish. But keep safety in mind when wearing these costumes.

According to reports from the Consumer Product Safety Commission, in the past five years, almost 250 people suffered from costume related injuries.

Gluing accidents

That report mentions a 45-year-old man who tried gluing together a homemade pirate costume. The man reportedly got super glue in his eye and was rushed to the hospital.

Scott Simon, a resident at Coliseum Medical Center, says a lot can happen when dressing up for Halloween.

Tripping accidents

“Costumes can be too long which makes you trip,” Simon said. “There can be obstruction of vision from masks and in even some cases, you could fall and suffer head trauma.”

Simon urges consumers to pay attention to what they are doing when making costumes. He also says to check for potential hazards before purchasing one.

Mason Mourning, a Mercer University student, says he always looks out for potential safety concerns.

“My little sister tries to trip me all the time, so I try and make sure my costume doesn’t do the same,” Mourning said.

Exercise caution this Halloween to prevent costume accidents from happening.

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