Important Georgia Weather Observations to be Eliminated

From the National Weather Service in Peachtree City…


The University of Georgia has announced plans to eliminate the Automated Environmental Monitoring Network (AEMN) due to budget limitations and the loss of key personnel. This system has been in operation for almost 20 years and has provided valuable, localized weather information to the National Weather Service (NWS) and the citizens, businesses, and governmental agencies of Georgia. Each of the six NWS offices serving the state of Georgia uses the AEMN observations to improve their respective forecasts, warnings and current condition measurements. In an era when NWS forecasts and warnings have shown dramatic improvements, the loss of this important, state-run network will be a setback to the quality of NWS services.

We regret to inform you, therefore, that with the AEMN closure set to begin on April 15, 2011, customers visiting the NWS “current conditions” websites will see the progressive elimination of surface observation data supplied by the AEMN. Behind the scenes, the NWS offices will be operating with less data than we have in recent years. Surface weather observations with less resolution in time and space will still be available from a variety of other networks on the NWS website.

For more information about the AEMN, its value and its planned closure, please click here.

Lans P. Rothfusz
Meteorologist in Charge
NWS Peachtree City, GA

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