I Don’t Want to Get Sick…What’s YOUR remedy?

With the cold weather, holiday parties and shopping I feel like I’m living in the midst of germ central. The North Central Health District vaccinated me on air a couple months ago so I’ve taken that precaution, but still…there’s only so much hand washing I can do!

Last night at 6pm, Dr. Bush with Middle Georgia Pediatrics was in to talk about staying healthy through the holidays. You can check out the video below.

When my throat gets soar I’ve found that the best remedy is grape juice and vitamin C (a doctor friend told me orange juice has too much acid and hot tea dries it out). Our executive producer Rachel says her special remedy is hot tea with whiskey. 41 NBC’s newest reporter Kyle says he pumps the fluids and tries to stay warm. Our webmaster Terry doesn’t do anything….go figure, he’s been sick for three weeks.

If you have any special remedies we would love to know your secret! We need our voices around here so your suggestions would be much appreciated. By the way, so far my vaccination worked…I’m not sick yet and I don’t plan on getting sick anytime soon.

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