I-75 Corridor Council aims to create plan to attract business to highway exits

BYRON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Several groups want land developers to come to Houston and Peach Counties. 

“The goal is to hopefully come up with a master plan that encompasses everybody’s vision,” Jay Flesher said. 

He’s coordinating city and county governments along with development authorities in Houston and Peach Counties to focus on I-75. 

“It’s hard for one agency by itself to promote this little block of area. So the goal is, again, to try to get the conversation started where they are able to some common goals and some common themes,” Flesher said. 

He’s also the community and economic development manager for Flint Energies. He is looking at the I-75 Corridor to attract new business and development opportunities. 

The corridor starts right her in Byron and it’ll work its way down 75 to Perry. Members of the council say they want to create a master plan so as businesses and developers come to town they can build along these exits a unified front. 

“The goal would be all the parties at the table and the council would direct market almost. They would take this area as a focus and direct market it to the developers and to the state of Georgia and the other people that are looking to move in,” Flesher said. 

He says Flint is the only organization in the council with a reach down the entire corridor making them a key player on the focus for a master plan. 

“We were the only group that really fit across all the boundaries. So it fit naturally for us to sort of bring the group together to say he we’ll facilitate this,” Flesher said. 

While the corridor council is still in its early stages, Flesher points out the outcome could benefit several counties and bring more business as well.

“Just an opportunity to start creating that communications among both the landowners and the community at large about what the possibilities are,” he said. 

Flesher says it’ll be as early as summer before the council creates a master plan and vision for the corridor. The I-75 corridor council meets again in February. 

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