How to keep your energy bill low with low temps outside

WARNER ROBINS, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – With temperatures outside at an all time low this winter, the thermostat inside your home is probably at an all time high.

“People are using their heating and cooling system more often. We do tend to see a spike in high usage or high bill complaints,” said Flint Energies Specialist Marian Mclemore.

Mclemore says the reason your bill can spike during warmer or colder months is the larger difference in the set temperature inside versus outside.

“Their unit or their heating system unit is working a lot harder to maintain that comfortable temperature within their home,” she explained.

Flint Energies rep Rod Green recommends keeping the temperature in your house around 68 degrees but says saving a few coins isn’t all about the numbers on your thermostat.

Green says a factor most people don’t realize plays a role in their energy usage is the kind of insulation they’re using inside their homes as well as a less obvious way for cool air to peak in.

“If you add up all the cracks and all the openings from windows doors to pipe penetrations through the attic or wiring insulation penetration is going through there, it all that adds up,” Green told 41NBC.

Yes, you read correctly. Even the outlets inside your house can bring in cold air.

“You have doors and windows that need to be weather sealed and weather proofed, and without that, you may have the draft that’s coming in through the door that’s actually coming into the house and it’s playing a part with that comfort level,” he continued.

But that’s not even the half of what could cause your monthly bill to sky rocket.

“The other thing is to make sure that your auxiliary is not coming on your heat pump. Auxiliary means when the additional electric strip heat comes on with the heat pump. At that time your bill is almost double,” Green added.

The key to keeping the money in your pocket is knowing every outlet, every crack and crevice in your house inside out.

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