Houston County voter experiences computer glitches at the voting polls

HOUSTON COUNTY, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – A Houston County woman says she’s glad she double checked her ballot before hitting “submit.” Election officials say due to a computer glitch, she had trouble voting for her candidates.

Staff at the Houston County Board of Elections say a lot of residents are voting, but with so many people voting, technology can glitch.

Candidates, Board of Elections staff, and voters are reminding people to take an extra second to look over your ballots.

“What if I had not checked? What if I would have been one of those people who had been in line all day, two or three hours, and I just wanted to hurry up and get out because I had been standing? Then I would have voted for the wrong person,” Houston County voter, Beverly Danner said.

Danner spent her Saturday morning at the polls in Houston County. Danner, who’s voted many times before, knew something wasn’t right when issues occurred while voting for her state representative.

“I said OK, something is wrong. I pushed the ‘x’ again, then it completely deleted her name off the screen,” she said.

Which caused her to go back and try again. Danner said something in her head told her to check the ballot before submitting.

“When I got to the review screen, all of my candidates had been switched to the other party,” Danner said.

Fenika Miller, who’s running for Georgia House District 147, says she believes in the electoral and voting process.

“We want to make sure we preserve the integrity of our elections and that people feel safe and secure when they’re casting their ballots, that they’re voting for the candidates of their choice,” Miller said.

Election Registration Assistant with the Houston County Board of Elections, Andy Holland says with instances like these, speak with a poll worker before submitting.

“We can’t go over there and see how to help you, if you’ve already casted the ballot,” Holland said.

The Board of Elections has removed the machine Danner used.

Lawyers with the Election Protection hotline says there have been four calls in all of Georgia with similar issues.

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