Hooked on Science: Ping Pong Launcher

(41NBC/WMGT) — Science Guy Jason Lindsey shows us this week how you can take some items from around your house and turn them into a ping pong launcher!

Using a hair dryer, some pipe from the hardware store and a whole mess of ping pong balls you can create your very own ball launcher! The way it works is by using the air the hair dryer blows out to launch the ping pong balls thanks to the pushing and pulling of the air, balls and pipe. Pushing and pulling are a force meaning that these things act on the ping pong balls from the moment they fall down the cartridge, to the ball exiting the launcher and finally to the ball colliding with something to stop it.

Remember to always have an adult around whenever you want to do a science experiment, wear the proper safety gear and in the case of this launcher, never aim it at people or animals!

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