Under The Hood: Importance of Tire Rotation

In this segment of Under The Hood, Joe Raffield talks about tire rotation.

“So let’s just say that you purchase a set of four new tires that are 60,000-mile tires and of course your tire guy told you to come in and have them rotated every 5-6,000 miles,” Joe said. “Well, why is that so important? Well, the main reason is that tires wear differently on the front and rear of a car. On the front of a vehicle, you have the weight of the engine and also the two tires that are doing all of the steerings. That wears your tires down much faster than the tires on the back of your vehicle, which are simply going straight down the road.

“So it’s a good idea to come in every 6,000 miles. Let your tire guy rotate and balance your tires, check your air pressure on your tire, and that’s going to help you to protect that investment that you made in those tires. It’s going to make them last a lot longer, which is going to save you a lot of money in the end.”

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