High Scrap Metal Prices Entice Thieves to Steal

Metal prices are up, which means the metal theft business is booming.

It’s a statewide epidemic impacting businesses and property owners.

“It’s going on all over the state of Georgia, we’re in contact with agencies as far as Rome, Gainesville, Valdosta, Savannah and it’s going on everywhere,” said Captain Mike Smallwood of the Bibb County Sheriff’s Department.

In the last month, in Bibb County alone there have been more than 25 cases of metal theft.

“Most of those are houses under construction, air conditioners from churches, vacant or empty houses….” according to Captain Smallwood.

Copper seems to be the most popular, but it’s not the only metal being sought after.

Twiggs County Sheriff’s Chief Billy Boney says, “Aluminum, steel, all metals are being stolen and being sold by the pound.”

Captain Smallwood says the number of metal theft cases fluctuates with the price of metal. For now, thieves are cashing in on metal profits.

“It’s just like jewelry, you have more jewelry thefts when the price of gold and silver go up.”

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