As HBO filming wraps, residents show excitement to see sets up close

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – If you’ve been in downtown Macon this week you may have noticed lights, camera and a whole lot of action taking place on portions of the city’s street.

That’s because for the last few days, Macon has been the backdrop to a major television production with HBO filming the pilot for its new TV show, ‘Brooklyn’. The commotion certainly has residents and visitors excited to be so close to stardom.

“I like it. Downtown’s vibrant and making a come back,” said visitor Bobby Lipscomb.

It’s not the same downtown he says he remembers.

“I was just trying to get a feel for how it’s changed or evolved into something different,” he explained.

In fact, in just three days HBO production crews were able to turn parts of the city’s streets into something straight from a television series.

“It’s amazing that some of the things that were there are not there. Well, they’re still there but they’ve been transformed into other things,” said resident Shan Townes.

Street signs, store fronts, sidewalk benches, you name it. They were all a part of the props and set that brought ‘Brooklyn’ to Macon.

“I remembered they were filming a movie for HBO downtown here and I saw them changing some of the facades, and I realized what it was. It was kind of neat walking through a movie set kind of Hollywood-ish you know,”

For New Yorker’s Gino and Christine Agnitti who are visiting in town it actually reminded them of home.

“The buildings, you know, the whole atmosphere kind of puts us in mind,” Christine said.

Macon’s modest yet budding downtown will soon be making its next appearance on the TV screen so people can see what they watched on the street in HD.

Filming ended on Thursday as production crews packed up the last of their fictitious street signs, sidewalk benches and other props. In the last few years, Macon’s downtown area has been the site location for nearly a dozen films and TV shows.

Crews were seen filming through out the week at the Douglass Theater, Hargray Capitol Theater and Macon’s Historic Terminal Station.

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