Gruesome Dog Attack Ends In Stabbing

(NBC NEWS) A Florida teen is accused of stabbing her dog to death after it attacked her family Friday.

When “Buster” broke loose from her house in Safety Harbor and went on the attack, Meaghan Tokay stopped the vicious animal with several deadly thrusts of a knife.

Pinellas County deputies say Buster attacked two other pit bulls. Mom Heidi Cooper and her two girls, 14-year-old Meaghan Tokay and 22-year-old Sierra Wilson, tried to get him to stop, but he turned his jaws on them.

Cooper and Tokay suffered multiple puncture wounds and lacerations. Wilson suffered minor scratches.

Family friend Nikki Cagen says Buster actually belongs to her boyfriend, away in the military.

“I was completely shocked. I’ve never heard anything, especially this dog. He was the sweetest, sweetest dog ever. I would come in the house. He would come sit on my lap like a little puppy,” said Cagen.

Deputies responded to this house a month ago for another bite from the same dog.

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