Groups head to Georgia National Fair hoping to make a difference

PERRY, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT)- So, we’ve seen the food the fair has. We’ve seen the rides and the animals. We even went inside the McGill Marketplace and did some shopping, but some of the booths this year are meant to educate and teach.

It’s all about making a difference for some vendors, like the Centerville Fire Department. They brought a trailer to the fair to teach basic fire safety and what to do in case of a fire. David Bostick is the Assistant Chief of the Centerville Fire Department. He says there is a fog machine in the trailer that’s used to show people how to crawl beneath the smoke, as well as procedures to take in order to get out of your home. “You’d be surprised how many people forgot what to do in a fire,” Bostick said.

Lt. Bryan Hunter with the Byron Police Department is also at the fair this year. He is the coordinator of the Governors Office of Highway Safety promoting drowsy driving awareness. Hunter says the booth is used to warn people about the dangers of driving sleepy and what steps to take to avoid drowsy driving. “Take breaks, stop and get a coffee or anything before traveling,” Hunter said. You can still get charged if you are pulled over for drowsy sleeping.

Another vendor trying to make a difference is the Campers on a Mission tent. Pastor Randy Smith says the group is a handful of people who travel around spreading the word of God. “It’s a fun time to share Jesus Christ with those we come in contact with,” Smith said. Pastor Smith says the group is just trying to show love to the public.

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