Bibb County students visit Heard Elementary for ‘senior walk’

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) Graduating seniors in Bibb County visited Heard Elementary School Monday.

Seniors got the opportunity to visit former teachers, and see old classmates they haven’t seen since elementary school.

“It’s nostalgic, I mean back where it all started. I mean all the teachers, supporting us like through high school and even if they weren’t in high school with us, their support on Facebook and everything just feels nice,” Brianna Muniz said

As the seniors walked through the halls, Heard elementary school students congratulated the seniors on their success.

The seniors met with 5th graders who gave them some words encouragement, “they’ve congratulated us, they’ve hugged us, they told us how great of a job we were doing,” Brianna Muniz said.

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