Gordon State College students exposed to COVID-19

BARNESVILLE, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Two Gordon State College students are at home, self monitoring after being exposed to the Coronavirus.

Students like Aminah Vinson are prepared for class, carrying around more than just books and pencils.

“Just make sure you carry around some Lysol, three things of hand sanitizer, you should be good,” she said.

Vinson isn’t alone. Her peers are also being cautious after receiving a campus-wide email Tuesday morning, saying two students were exposed to the Coronavirus while working off-campus.

“It’s eye opening. Makes me want to stay clean, keep away from contact with other people,” student Andre Gadson said.

“Definitely concerned who they’ve been hanging around with. I keep hand sanitizer on me at all times,” student Decarlo Easerling said.

Some students say they are not overly concerned of COVID-19 affecting campus.

“I kind of think it’s been blown out of proportion. I understand people have been in contact with the virus, but I’m pretty sure, not 100-percent,  no one is going to get it on campus,” student Mary Monroe Smith said.

“Everybody should just keep clean. We’re about to be on spring break anyway. I think it’ll be okay,” student Nikiya Dennard said.

The college’s director of marketing, Kathryn Fields, says there’s a task force in place for the virus.

Smith says the school is doing a great job at preventative measures.

“They gave us a free facility to where we can get water, get food. It’s amazing, what campus is doing for us. They’re giving us free flu shots, too,” Smith said.

The college’s website states if students or staff travel internationally for spring break, they are encouraged to contact the college.

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