Giddings Investigation: McDaniel Arrest Warrant Explains Murder Charge

Based on Stephen McDaniel’s arrest warrant, we’re learning new details about what led to police charge him with murder.  The warrant asserts that McDaniel killed and dismembered Lauren Giddings’ body.  It says he had a key to her apartment and a key that unlocked every door in the apartment complex on Georgia Avenue, where both Giddings and McDaniel lived.

Police also say in McDaniel’s murder arrest warrant, that they found a hacksaw locked in a storage closet at the apartment complex.  When the FBI tested the hacksaw blade, they found Giddings’ DNA.

A package for the same Stanley brand hacksaw was found in McDaniel’s apartment.

Police also indicated in the arrest warrant that McDaniel had previously commented that he could commit murder and avoid detection.  They say his story and the circumstances of this case are similar.

Stephen McDaniel was charged with murder Tuesday night for killing his former Mercer Law classmate, 27-year old Lauren Giddings.  McDaniel is expected back in court on August 17th.

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