Georgia’s Pre-K marks 30th year in business

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(41NBC/WMGT) — As the new school year of 2022 starts, Georgia’s Pre-K program turns 30 years old.

It started in 1992 as a pilot program with 750 at-risk 4-year-olds in 20 different locations, but in 1995 it opened to all 4-year-olds regardless of income.

The Georgia Department of Early care and Learning says that early education from birth to 5-years-old is critical for success in elementary school, and that a solid academic foundation builds a qualified work force that will help Georgia’s economic growth.

Susan Adams, Deputy Commissioner for Georgia’s Pre-K Program and Instructional Supports, gave some tips on how to make kid’s first few days go smoother:

  • Send your child to school in clothes they can manage independently in the bathroom.
  • Make sure your child’s shoes are comfortable and safe for playtime.
  •  Choose close-toed shoes that children can fasten independently such as tennis shoes with Velcro.
  • Visit the classroom before school starts, so children are familiar with the new surroundings.
  • Tell your child’s teacher about any fears she/he may have.
  • Discuss any special dietary needs or allergies your child may have with the teacher and askher/him to explain program policies relating to children’s allergies.
  • Complete necessary forms or releases your Pre-K provider may require for dispensing medication during the school day.
  • Locate the bathroom with your child and determine special bathroom routines the school observes.
  • Allow extra time for the first day: Make sure you have time to say good-bye.
  • Ask if your child can bring a familiar blanket for rest time: Can they bring a favorite stuffed animal?
  • Send a family photo in your child’s backpack in case they get lonely.
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