Georgia House of Representatives convenes for legislative session

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) — After an indefinite shut down due to the pandemic, the Georgia House of Representatives have returned for the legislative session.

The first day of the session included certifying election results, a swearing-in ceremony, and electing officers. We spoke with Representative Miriam Paris about her hopes for this upcoming session. She says she wants to see bipartisanship this time around.

Representative Miriam Paris

“It’s just time for everybody to understand that enough is enough now,” said Paris.

We asked her opinions about the Capitol riots. Paris deems it something you see in history books.

“It was tragic, it was incited by the President and we know better, we all know better,” said Paris. “And I just hope that we can get this all straightened out and be better citizens of the United States.”

She also tells us the Republican majority looks to revise mail-in voting. 

“We’re hoping they won’t do anything to suppress the vote,” said Paris. “But will do everything to encourage people to get out and have their voices heard.”

Minority Leader James Beverly

State Representative Minority Leader James Beverly hopes they can address real issues this session and move past the election fraud rhetoric.

“People lost their job through no fault of their own, not getting the help they need from the department of labor,” said Beverly. “Let’s address that stuff that’s what we need to be doing not letting the tail wag the dog for something that doesn’t exist because there’s no truth behind it.”

He says taking a look at the budget and restoring cuts to things like education can help Middle Georgians.

“We’re not even utilizing the amount of lottery funds that we are authorized to use, we can use over 35 percent of lottery funds to cover folk,” said Beverly. “We’re using 25 percent. There’s no need to do that, use the extra ten percent and start to stimulate higher education.”

Over the next 40 days, Beverly says he hopes math and science will guide the State House in the decisions they make.

The House adopted several resolutions Monday. Also, the Democratic Caucus subcommittee on COVID-19 submitted a letter to the Governor.  It asks him to reevaluate his current response plan to the virus in light of the new COVID variant discovered in the state.

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