Georgia families pushing lawmakers to legalize medical marijuana

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Families are still fighting to legalize medical marijuana. State lawmakers met at Mercer University Wednesday and heard emotional stories on how they could directly benefit from the drug.

“A normal day, I wake up, before I can even have a thought I’m immediately jolted with intense pain,” Katie Crosby of Macon said.

Crosby suffers from severe chronic pain. She says she’s tried everything to get relief.

“A lot of the days, to be honest, I am praying that the hours will pass fast so that my pain can be forgotten for a little bit longer to sleep again. It’s miserable,” she said.

That is why she is calling on state lawmakers to pass a bill that will legalize an oil form of medical marijuana. It is low in THC and users can’t get high from it.

“It blows my mind to think why wouldn’t we want to pass this if it could really benefit so many people who are just dying to live a normal life because right now I’m not living a normal life.”

The bill failed during this past legislative session. It focused on families with kids who suffered from severe seizures. But now state leaders are looking at how this drug could help people who have serious medical conditions.

“What we’re looking at is are there other qualifications, other diagnoses that also could benefit from that,” State Representative Allen Peake said. “I think that’s where we’ve all been enlightened. Maybe chronic pain would fit that criteria, maybe MS, maybe PTSD.”

And while lawmakers weigh their options, Crosby has one question for them.

“If you were in my shoes, or any of these people’s shoes who are testifying here today, and you saw their darkest moments of desperate suffering, how would you respond? How would you vote? And I think that goes for itself, that answer goes for itself.”

Lawmakers are meeting with law enforcement officials next month to talk about their concerns with legalizing medical marijuana.

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