Georgia Doom leadership is hopeful of team’s future

Tonight, the Georgia Doom is playing its second home game. After the last arena team, the Macon Knights, struggled to keep ticket sales up, the Doom’s leadership is hopeful about its future, and optimistic about ticket sales.

With so many football fans in Middle Georgia, it would be sad to see Macon’s arena football team leave again. But, Head Coach and General Manager of the Georgia Doom tells me the team is here to stay, and he has some tricks up his sleeve to keep fans cheering.

“Naturally, winning is the key. If you win, people will come. At the same time, we got to get out in the communities,” Head Coach and GM Derek Stingley said.

He assures 41NBC that last week’s Cherry Blossom Festival didn’t hurt ticket sales or the team’s chance to get in the endzone.

“It was just us not having an opportunity to scrimmage during training camp,” he said.

With the season in full swing, Stingley has a touchdown of a plan to show Macon what the team has to offer to keep fans in the stands.

“We want to be a part of the community, that can help out on the advertisement side even the sponsorship side. Either way, that we’re all in this together and it’s a good thing for the city,” Stingley said.

He says the team already has a ton of sponsors but plans on getting the team in schools and put advertisements in businesses.

“We need the support. I mean, it’s a fan friendly game, it’s exciting, it’s fast pace, it’s a great opportunity to get a few balls in the stands, may get a player in the stands as well. It’s up-close action, it’s real fun. Everybody loves scoring and that’s what indoor football is all about,” Stingley said.

With one loss and no scrimmage under their belt, Stingley says they paid attention to details all week at practice to make changes for tonight’s game. So that they’re ready to bring home their first win.

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