Georgia College Students Earn Awards in NMUN Competition

Georgia College Model United Nation students made their debut at the Fall 2010 National Model United Nations (NMUN) conference in Washington, D.C., and certainly left their mark.

The students debated their way up to three awards- the only college out of nearly 30 to do so.

“Attending the conference was an award in itself,” said Paul Danaj, president of the Georgia College MUN Club, “but to hear Georgia College called so many times at the award ceremony was outstanding and overwhelming.’

Georgia College won two “Outstanding Position Paper” awards and one “Honorable Mention” award. More than 500 students from across the country attended the conference.

Dr. Steven Elliott-Gower, director of the Honors Program and associate professor of political science, led the 12-member team to the nation’s capital.

“This conference was the team’s first NMUN competition,” Elliott-Gower said. “However, I knew the students were well prepared, thanks in large measure to Paul’s leadership.”

Danaj has extensive experience in MUN, which he developed during his high school years. 

After entering Georgia College in 2008, he began the process of forming the MUN club, which in spring 2009 became part of the university’s nearly 240 recognized student organizations.

“I’ve always been interested in international politics,” said Danaj. “Once Dr. Roger Coate, an internationally renowned U.N. scholar and our faculty adviser, and Dr. Elliott-Gower decided to support the club, I knew we were on target.”

Fall 2009, the team attended its first competition at the Southern Regional Model United Nations conference.

“It was an eye opener,” said Danaj.

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