FVSU students not happy with campus tobacco ban

FORT VALLEY, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Fort Valley State University is pushing healthy habits for its students.

It’s joining schools across Georgia in banning tobacco from campus.

“I don’t like it–I’m going to tell you the truth, I don’t like it,” said student Lajerrius Barfield.

It isn’t a popular policy with these students.

“It’s not fair, it’s just coming in and changing everything,” said student Tayler Thapman.

At Fort Valley State, the idea of lighting up a cigarette is going up in smoke.

“It’s bad, it’s like a guilty pleasure,” said Thapman.

“So, no more tobacco,” said Tricia Addison with FVSU’s Office of Human Resources.

The new policy bans all forms of tobacco from many universities in Georgia.

“The university system of Georgia adopted a tobacco-free policy that goes into effect October 1st,” said Addison.

But administration is letting students know now.

“The real biggie is making them aware and educating them on the health and wellness aspect of it,” said Dean of Students Wallace Keese.

Fort Valley’s second day of classes was Tuesday, so students may not be aware just yet.

“Everybody’s kind of like, is it true, is it not true?” said student body president Ariel Hill.

“I have definitely been making it a point myself to go around, if I see it, you know, hey, look as of yesterday August the 18th, we’re not longer a tobacco-using campus,” said Hill.

There are resources available to students to help with the change.

“You know, if you’re having the urge to smoke at 7 p.m.–hey, come to the gym, we’re gonna be playing kickball, we’re gonna be doing raquetball, just something to get your mind off that,” said Hill.

For now, these students will continue to use tobacco as long as they can.

“This is going to help me quit, it’s kinda like I’m against it, but I’m for it,” said Thapman.

“Me personally man, I’m sneaky, you know what I’m saying, I’m telling the truth. I’m going to keep smoking my tobacco,” said Barfield.

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