Fort Valley State Quarterback Arrested

Fort Valley State University’s football team will play their last game of the season this Saturday in the Pioneer Bowl. The team’s quarterback Eugene Smith won’t be there to take the field. He was arrested on drug charges Wednesday of last week.

Reynolds Police pulled Smith over for a window tint violation when they got a whiff of something else. Police searched his car and found marijuana and HGH. Smith was also driving with a suspended license and a missing tail light.

Fort Valley State University Athletic Director, Dr. Chico Caldwell says “My stance regarding the suspension is we’re here for an experience for our student athletes. Playing the sport of football or any other sport is a privilege and there are policies and procedures, regulations that we have to go by.”

The head football coach, Donald Pittman says Smith feels remorseful. “He regretted the whole incident and there’s not anything he can do about it now, but try to live an outstanding life.”

According to Chief Lonnie Holder, Smith will face a court date in the near future.

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