UPDATE: Forsyth mayor confident temporary water line fix will hold

FORSYTH, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – The mayor of Forsyth is confident the temporary fix on a main water line will hold.

The city’s water tanks are slowly filling up to full capacity. Friday’s storm caused a break in a line that connects the city’s reservoir to the water treatment facility.

Mayor Eric Wilson said the city was able to give residents water for 24 hours without being able to treat more water because of the community’s conservation efforts.

“We really avoided a potential crisis (with the water line),” said Wilson.

Wilson is grateful city residents and businesses listened to his request to conserve water.

“We were able to get the water running with probably an hour or so left in the system. We were down to [the] water that was in the stand pipes. That means the pipes from the tank to the ground,” explained Wilson.

Over the weekend, the pipe ruptured after Friday’s storms washed out the creek bank. The break has been temporarily fixed.

“We’re calling it a temporary fix because we want to make it last for several years to come by making it a more permanent fix, but we do not expect it to rupture again,” said Wilson.

As of 11 a.m Monday morning, the city had about 25% of its tanks full. Forsyth is filtering water at half the speed it normally would.

“The slower production allows us to treat water for a longer period of time without pausing,” explained Wilson.

Wilson said major businesses closed down to help conserve water including the Perdue Feedmill and Hatchery, the Georgia Public Safety Training Center, the Department of Corrections and Magic Touch Car Wash. GPSTC cancelled a Saturday afternoon training for about 1,000 people in order to save water.

“We are asking citizens and businesses to continue to conserve water to allow the system to return to full capacity,” said Wilson.

Forsyth is revisiting a contract to buy water from a Macon Water Authority water line that runs through the south end of Monroe County.

“When that line is tied in, we would have the instant ability to “turn the faucet,” so to speak, and allow water to flow,” explained Wilson.

Forsyth would have to pay for that water.

Wilson said Forsyth serves about 7,400 households in the city and county. Council members will be talking about the repair at their meeting Monday night. Wilson said it will take time before a permanent repair can be made.


A major water line in the city of Forsyth has been temporarily fixed.

Monroe County EMA’s Facebook page credits “spectacular conservation of water” and the hard work of the water department for the temporary repair. Water is moving back into the treatment facility and the system. No pressure was lost which helped avoid a longer outage, according to the post.

EMA Director Matthew Perry said the break was first noticed Saturday around 4 p.m. It happened just south of the water treatment plant on Highway 42 South. The weekend storm caused a 10 ft. section of a creek bed to break away and hit the line creating the break.

Courtesy: Monroe County EMA

Courtesy: Monroe County EMA

Once it was reported, the city immediately asked Forsyth residents to start conserving water. Sunday morning, Monroe County EMA’s Facebook was reporting the city had 8 hours of drinkable water left in it’s tanks.

EMA is asking people to continue to conserve water over the next 24 hours which includes limiting laundry use, avoiding outdoor watering and shortening the length of showers and baths. The county is slowly filling the above ground tanks into order to avoid putting unnecessary strain on the repaired line.

City Manager Janice Hall said workers will be at the water line site Monday shoring up the bank and making sure the temporary fix is holding. City council members will be getting an update on the repair Monday night at their meeting.

Mayor Wilson said that he “is grateful to the citizens and customers for their conservation efforts” and that “he apologizes for any inconveniences but that no one was hurt and a long term outage was avoided”.

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