Floridians head through Middle Georgia to escape Hurricane Irma

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – People are leaving their homes to escape the path of Hurricane Irma. There is only one way to leave Florida at the moment, and that is to go north.

Many of those evacuees are driving through Middle Georgia, specifically on I-75.

Rose Irons is one of those people. She didn’t think twice about packing up and leaving home near Fort Myers, Florida on Pine Island.

“I was there for Charley, so we were devastated,” said Irons. “So I don’t want to be near that. That’s just crazy.”

Irons knows the damage Hurricane Charley did to the island in 2004, and can only imagine what Hurricane Irma will do now.

“A lot of the island was just devastated, homes lost,” said Irons.

Irons did not have to evacuate, but she did. So did Katelyn Matos. Matos decided to leave Fort Myers and head to Tennessee for the week, but getting there has been tough.

“Oh it’s been horrible,” said Matos. “It was supposed to take 12 hours and now it’s turned into 24 hours by the time we get there.”

Larry Bosworth and friend Cookie Shwebel left St. Petersburg, Florida. Like many others, they don’t know what they’ll be going back to.

“I’ve been through a Hurricane before and I want to get out of there,” said Bosworth. “We have to look at the worst and hope for the best.”

“I don’t know what we’re going to have or if I’ll have anything when I get back.”

All they can focus on for now, is getting out of the danger and moving forward.

Bibb County Sheriff David Davis says if you live in town and know the back-roads, take those instead of the interstate. We are expecting evacuees to come through Middle Georgia throughout the weekend.

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