Financially Fit: Budgeting Your Money and Saving For the Future

Many young adults find themselves struggling to get out of debt. There are two easy ways to prevent financial trouble in the long run, but it starts with a plan.

Celeste Edge and her husband built a house that they could afford, expenses included. That’s how they paid off their mortgage seven years ealy.

“When we got started we immediately began putting some money into a savings acount.”

Local banks like State Bank and Robins Federal Credit Union offer programs for young adults who are ready to take that first step toward their future and start saving. According to State Bank’s Thomas Woodbery, planning a budget is another important part of planning for the future.

Celeste Edge says that building a budget and saving for a rainy day is an easy task if you’re willing to do it.

“The younger you are, the more important every five dollars is. Because if you can save five dollars by taking a lunch to work and you can put that five dollars to work for you then it will make a lot of difference in your life later on.”

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