Fiery Rescue Gone Wrong

(NBC NEWS) An off-duty firefighter and another man working to pull a woman from a burning car fell off a Florida bridge and into the St. Johns river Friday.

Miraculously, everyone survived with only minor injuries.

Authorities said Rhonda Nagy slowed down for a separate crash which happened ahead of her, then was struck by another vehicle that failed to do the same.

Both vehicles quickly caught fire.

Lt. Jason McNally, an off-duty Orange County fire rescue lieutenant, stopped to help Zachary Daniels, the driver of the second vehicle, get Nagy out of her burning car.

While the pair were pulling Nagy from her vehicle, McNally and Daniels both fell over the bridge and into the St. Johns River.

McNally says he didn’t realize they were on the bridge until he fell.

“No idea we were on the bridge still, it happened so fast, the next thing I know when I went to put my foot down, I didn’t have her with me. I was falling 30 to 40 feet and the next fear was that I’d hit the concrete, you have no idea how relieved I was to hit the water,” he says.

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