Family of 41NBC reporter details moments of Hurricane Ian

"We're just trying to stay positive. Pray that we would be okay, that hopefully we did a better job this time of being prepared this time."
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Family of 41NBC Reporter Lizbeth Gutierrez details moments of Hurricane Ian
Hurricane Ian

TAMPA, Florida(41NBC/WMGT)— Hundreds of families in Florida are picking up the pieces after Hurricane Ian made its way through the state on Wednesday.

One of those families who decided to brave out the storm is that of 41NBC reporter, Lizbeth Gutierrez.

Her family lives near Tampa, and made it through the Hurricane safely. We spoke with them about the moments leading up to the hurricane.

“We get flooded, we get water that comes inside the house,” said Adam Gutierrez, the brother of Lizbeth.

Adam said his initial reaction to Ian was freighting. More than 300 miles away from Macon, her family was preparing to stay safe from another hurricane. Adam says seconds felt like hours as the wind began to pick up.

“We’re waiting till later on until 8 or 9 that’s when it’s going to hit and it will probably hit me more, I’ll be even more scared,” said Adam.

With the windows boarded up and sandbags to prevent water from getting inside the home, her family remained calm throughout. During FaceTime, her family lost power and they’re still without power more than 12 hours later.

“We’re just trying to stay positive. Pray that we would be okay, that hopefully we did a better job this time of being prepared this time,” he said.

For one of her friends, Andrea Villalobos who lives on the other side of town, she was also trying to remain calm in a chaotic event.

“Mentally, honestly I just made sure I had a lot of activities to do, I was coloring, had my iPad charged was playing games on there making sure I was distracting myself from everything going around,” said Villablobos.

Andrea said the scariest part of the hurricane was not knowing which direction it would take. She’s thankful for the minimal damage in her community.

“There was a couple neighbors who’s fences fell but they’re all looking like they’re getting everything fixed already,” she said.

Other parts of the state weren’t so lucky though. Fort Myers has seen a lot of flooding. Adam asks everyone to pray for Florida.

“Pray for us, for everybody, not just my family, but everybody here in Florida, because we definitely need it, but we’ll be okay and that’s all I can say, pray to God,” said Adam.

There was no flooding in the Gutierrez home. They’re now working to help neighbors who have downed trees.

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