EpiPen rival is making its way back onto the shelves

The EpiPen is about to get some more competition.
The makers of the AUVI-Q, an EpiPen alternative taken off the market last year, that they would bring it back in 2017. The move is certain to be welcomed by many patients and lawmakers, who have denounced the rising price of EpiPens and the lack of strong competition.

But it’s unclear exactly how the AUVI-Q will impact prices.

Americans’ salaries can’t keep up with rising medical costs.

The Commonwealth Fund, a nonpartisan research foundation, found that premiums and deductibles grabbed 6.5 percent of workers’ paychecks in 2006, growing to 8.4 percent in 2010 and 10.1 percent in 2015.

That doesn’t include co-pays for doctors’ visits and prescription drugs.

Stocks closed mixed.

Apple fell but Boeing soared.

Boeing was higher on rising profits.

The DOW gained 30 points.

You can now check into Olive Garden with your mobile device.

This is an attempt to end customer frustration over arriving at restaurants only to find there is a long wait.

Customers will be able to go online and put their name in for a table and be alerted when one is available

And butch gardens in Tampa Florida has closed its Congo Rapid ride after 4 people were killed on a similar ride in Australia.

There has never been a fatal incident on the ride since its opening in 1982, park officials say, but the ride is made by the same manufacturer as the one in Australia, according to local TV reports.

It will be closed until park officials can understand what happened on the ride in Australia.

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