Drive-Thru Police Shooting Ends In Crash

(NBC NEWS) A Michigan police officer is on administrative leave after fatally shooting a suspect as he sat in a fast food drive-thru line.

It all started about 6 p.m. Tuesday when Royal Oak police tried to stop a BMW.

Police said the driver did stop at first, but then took off. An officer later caught up with him at a White Castle drive-thru.

The officer exited his vehicle with his gun drawn.

“The officer approached the driver at that point, and our officer shot at the driver, striking him,” said Royal Oak Police Chief Corey O’Donohue.

It’s still unclear why the officer fired at the driver. The driver sped off after the shooting and crashed head-on into a minivan

There were witnesses who said they saw the whole incident.

“We saw the cop pull up to White Castle, and we saw him get out and draw his gun immediately. We heard four or five gunshots,” said one witness. “We could see him swerving and driving really slow, and he looked out of it. And then he just started coasting into oncoming traffic, and I assumed that he passed out.”

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