AAA: Distracted driving now biggest threat on the road

(NBC News) A new study from AAA shows that distracted driving has become more of a threat on America’s roadways than any other issue behind the wheel.

“That’s ahead of other risky behaviors like aggressive driving, driving while using drugs and even drunk driving,” says AAA’s Tamra Johnson.

In the new AAA survey 88 percent of drivers say texting behind the wheel should be banned, while 45 percent still admit they’ve read messages while driving.

More than a third, 35 percent, say they’ve sent a text message from behind the wheel.

That makes their risk of a crash eight times higher.

That risk became a tragic reality for Cindy Cooper. Her father was killed when a driver on her cell phone ran through a stop sign.

“My dad was thrown over her vehicle and landed on the curb, and his motorcycle was scattered along the side of the road. She ran right by him and never called 911,” Cooper says.


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