Defense witness denies events in Dallemand’s bribe story

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Day 10 of trial in the bribery case against Cliffard Whitby and Harold Knowles continued with testimonies from the defense’s witnesses. One of the testimonies, contradicted the star witness’ story.

Friday morning, Pinnacle Construction Support Group (CSG) employee, Cory McFarlane took the stand. McFarlane, was a part-owner of Knowles’ construction and software company, Pinnacle. He talked about his involvement with the Bibb County School District software project in 2012. The district paid Pinnacle $3.2 million for software services.


In former Bibb County School Superintendent Dr. Romain Dallemand’s testimony last week, he claimed he had a deal with Knowles. If the school district hired Pinnacle for work, Dallemand would get a share of Knowles’ company. He also stated Whitby was in on the deal. Dallemand said he, Whitby, Knowles and McFarlane all met up for dinner one night. After dinner, they put their phones in one car, got in another car, and drove around to talk about the software transaction. But Friday, McFarlane stated that never happened.

McFarlane says the only time he met Dallemand was in passing. He also said he met Whitby once, when he toured the building for Macon Promise Center.


McFarlane also stated Whitby had no involvement in the software deal with Pinnacle and the school district.

Other defense witnesses, spoke of Dallemand’s character. Reverend Bryant Wardell Raines, who was involved in the Macon Promise Neighborhood and Belhannes, stated “He (Dallemand) raped our school system…He’s manipulated the system, our county, everybody around here and now we’re faced with these types of situations.”

The defense will continue testimony Monday morning. Defense attorney,Nick Lotito said if Whitby testifies next week, it would last about 2 hours.

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