Crews working hard to clean up damage from Tropical Storm Irma

MACON,Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Trees are down, the power is out, and traffic signals aren’t working.

Chris Floore, spokesperson for Macon-Bibb, said Macon-Bibb crew members are working hard to fix these issues.

” We had 92 roads reported closed last night. They have cleared 58 of those,” Floore said. “Our crews worked all night long to begin clearing debris and trees off the road.”

Floore said the city is unsure how quickly things will get back to normal.

“We want to get it up quickly, but we also want to get it up safely. We’re still assessing the damage, even as our crews are out there cleaning up and fixing things, we’re assessing even more damage,” he said.

A lot of that damage includes trees that have fallen and some of those trees the city will have a hard time removing from roads.

“We can’t get to yet because they have power lines involved with them, so we have to wait for Georgia Power to come and get the lines off them, so we’re still waiting on those,” Floore continued.

He said traffic signals are also being worked on.

“If you come to a light that’s flashing or completely off, please treat it as a four way stop. That’s the only safe way for these intersections to operate when there’s not a signal,” Floore said.

And if you have debris in your yard, the city needs you to bring the debris to the curb.

“Trees, branches, logs, all need to be cut to under 4 feet in length and separated in different piles.We need leaves and pine straw put in trash bags or a trashcan,” Floore said.

If you can’t get to the debris, Floore has one request.

“We’re asking people for patience.We still have 43,000 people still without power. That’s down from a high of about 53,000 yesterday. As far as the damage and trees go, we’re trying to allocate resources to our major thorough fares, emergency routes and access to schools and hospital. That’s our priority.”

So until crew members can make it to you area, do you best to hang tight.


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