Crawford County dad delivers son with help of Macon EMT’s by phone

ROBERTA, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) — One Crawford County dad delivered his son over the phone with the help of Macon EMT’s.

Thursday, the family met with members at Community Ambulance in Macon following the successful delivery.

Husband and wife, Christopher and Chastity Lester, now parent six children. The couple says this isn’t Christopher’s first delivery but his second.

“This was the first at-home delivery,” said mother Chasity Lester. “But when he delivered him, we were at the hospital and the doctor let him deliver him.”

Christopher says October 28 changed his life again.

Christoper says he and his wife just returned from the hospital. This came after he unexpectedly found out his wife dilated five-centimeters. 

“She walked through the threshold to the bedroom door and she said babe,” Christoper said. “And as soon as she said that her water broke.” 

Christoper says he sat his wife down in the tub and called paramedics.

Once on the phone, dispatchers begin instructing the father on how to successfully deliver a baby. 

The birth of Josiah

Lester says about half an hour later, baby Josiah was born. 

“The first five seconds after he was born, I had to unwrap him because he was extremely wrapped up in his cord and I had to roll him like a little hotdog to get him out of it,” explained the father. 

“After hearing the baby’s first cry it warmed my heart,” said Dominique Walton, emergency medical dispatcher. “I took a break to go cry in the bathroom.

“The baby was perfect, once we cut the cord, I took him, put him on the stretcher, got him cleaned up, and wrapped up. It could not have gone more better.”

Charity says she remembers little about that morning except for the actual delivery. 

The couple says they don’t see any more children in their future. However, if necessary, they will do another at-home birth. 

The Lester’s have six boys that range from two weeks to nine-years-old.

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