Council Member Lucas Opposes Mayor’s Pay Scale, Presents Her Plan

As promised, Macon Mayor Robert Reichert has finally proposed a pay scale for city workers. Higher and more competitive raises are included in that scale, but some workers and city leaders are still against the plan.

They argue those with the highest salaries are getting the largest increase in pay. Look at the numbers, a Chief Administrative Officer in the Mayor’s Office will get a 22.6 percent raise. That means the pay will go from about $102,000 to more than $139,000. But a Municipal Court Clerk gets a.60 percent raise. The increase is from $24,252 to $24,398.

According to the Mayor’s Office, a committee created the scale based on a study that compared employee pay in similar cities. But council member Elaine Lucas says, Macon was compared to cities consolidated with a county. The study listed governments like Augusta-Richmond County and Athens-Clarke County.

Now Lucas is proposing a new plan. She says use the money for the Mayor’s scale to give all employees a $500 bonus. The remaining money can be set aside for a better and fairer pay scale in the future.

None of the proposed plans have been approved by council just yet.

The mayor wanted his pay scale in place by the beginning of the year.

Lucas says she wants to meet with all city employees to tell them more about the Mayor’s plan. She’s hoping to have a meeting with city workers either Friday night or Saturday morning.

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