Confederate Monument on Cotton Avenue moved to new location

A Confederate Monument that stood in Cotton Avenue for more than 66 years is now gone.
Cotton Avenue

MACON, Georgia—- The relocation process for two Confederate Monuments in Downtown Macon began Wednesday morning on Cotton Avenue.

The statue in the plaza of Cotton Avenue has been there since 1956, until construction crews began the three piece relocation project. This has been a two year process of planning and public feedback.

Alex Morrison, Executive Director of the Macon-Bibb County Urban Development Authority, said they’ve worked hard to make sure the monuments aren’t damaged in the process

“We are working with experts with Clark Memorial and Macon Machines. Experts in that sort of work to make sure this is done as safely as possible,” said Morrison.

The Community Foundation of Central Georgia raised $160,000 of private funding to pay for the move. Clifford McDonald helped in raising funds for the relocation project.

“I’m glad that progress is being made,” McDonald said. “I’m excited you know for that process now two years in the making is to be finally done.”

The Macon-Bibb UDA also worked closely with local preservation groups. Renee Sullivan, President of the Sidney Lanier Camp 25 of the United Daughters of the Confederacy, says it’s going to a more appropriate place.

“It seemed it was in the best interest of everyone to go ahead and relocate them, and if it causes peace then so be it,” said Sullivan.

The monument will be taken to Whittle Park located in front Rose Hill Cemetery, where it will re-erected in its permanent location.

Plans for the location where statue was, is to turn it into a plaza for business or residential use.

The monument dedicated to the Women of the Confederacy on Poplar Street, is scheduled relocated on Friday.

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