Company helps workers pay off student loans

Facebook’s audience continues to expand and with that comes ad revenue.

The social network’s mobile ad business is doing really well.

It’s still gaining users, investors were worried that Snapchat was stealing new growth.

Staples has become the latest company trying to attract and keep young workers who are fretting about how they will pay their college student loans.

The company says it will provide 100 dollars a month for up to 36 months to full-time sales associates and “high potential” and “top performing” employees who are paying off student loans or in the process of earning a degree.

The S and P 500 notched its longest losing streak in nearly 5 years.

Stock fell on the close election and energy companies lost ground as oil prices fell.

The Federal Reserve did as expected and left interest rates unchanged.

Gun sales are soaring as the election nears.

Sturm Ruger says sales jumped by a third in recent weeks compared to the same period a year ago.

FBI background checks are also higher.

Gun manufacturers and enthusiasts are more worried about a Hillary Clinton presidency than a Donald Trump presidency.

Last night’s world series game was big for business as well as baseball fans.

Cleveland hotel rates skyrocketed in advance of the game.

Both presidential candidates bought commercials.

The market price for an ad during game 7 was 500-thousand dollars.

And Chicago Airbnb hosts made 2 point 6 million during the world series games.

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