Commissioners want moratorium on convenience store’s alcohol licenses to fight crime

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – In the fight to control crime, Macon-Bibb commissioners want to put a limit on new alcohol licenses at convenience stores.

Commissioners say there is more alcohol being sold at these stores than goods.

According to Bibb County Sheriff David Davis, 5 percent of murders and 6 percent of shootings happen at Macon’s convenience stores. That number isn’t big, but commissioners say they can decrease that number by changing the way stores handle alcohol sales.

“It’s wild that you can have ten food marts in your two mile radius from your house and you can’t create a three-piece dinner with that,” Commissioner Virgil Watkins said.

At your local convenience store, you can find snacks, drinks, and alcohol.

“There’s no variety in these stores,” Watkins said. “I’ve got five, six stores, but no one has any milk. No one has any of the basic home goods that I need. We’ve just got foods that are highly saturated in fat and salt content and again limited fresh produce if any.”

Watkins says you’ll also find crime at a convenient store.

To reduce crime and bring in more produce, commissioners are looking to put a moratorium in place while commissioners find ways to provide services in a different manner.

People that 41NBC spoke with say alcohol isn’t attracting crime. Convenience stores are where drug deals and other crimes happen.

Commissioner Larry Schlesinger says a moratorium may not be the best temporary fix.

“I think we can do it by simply the way we have been and taking them case by case,” Schlesinger said.

Commissioners will hold a public hearing on the matter next Tuesday at 4 p.m.

The temporary changes would go into effect April 1.


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