City of Warner Robins to create new ‘City Center’

The City of Warner Robins is taking the next step in a long process to build a "City Center."
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City of Warner Robins taking first steps to build a city center
City Center

WARNER ROBINS, Georgi a(41NBC/WMGT) — The City of Warner Robins is taking the next step in a long process to build a “City Center.”

In a council meeting on Monday, members voted to purchase six acres of property near Commercial Circle.

Commercial Circle is known by many residents as the heart of Warner Robins. Mayor LaRhonda Patrick she’s hoping to add to what’s already there.

“Our vision is like you see in most downtown areas,” she said. “You’ll have the commercial retail space at the bottom, living residential up top, so building up is what we want to do.”

A city center has been contemplated by several previous mayors. Mayor Patrick says now is the perfect opportunity to re-develop a portion of the area into a place where people can live, work and play.

“I’m really excited to see what happens with our retail and residential space and areas for play,” she said.

According to Mayor Patrick, re-development doesn’t mean local businesses will have to leave. It just allows small businesses like the Fine Arts Society Gallery to see more foot traffic.

“It’s been slow,” gallery manager Leslie Wallace said. “Mostly it’s membership coming in, and people say, ‘I want to join,’ and so they join, but buyers are few and far between, sadly.”

Wallace says she’s on board with the city creating a city center.

“This is a nice place, and I think what they have in mind will be really sharp,” she said. “I don’t know. It might take a while to catch on, but you never know.”

Kate Hogan, the city’s Director of Community and Economic Development, says the center will help keep money local.

“We’ll have a significant number of businesses that are that local flair here investing in our community,” she said.

The city will officially close on the property in the next few months. Its goal is to hold a groundbreaking by next year.

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