Cherry Blossom staff preparing for festival in Macon

The Pinkest Party on Earth is back again this year, and preparation is in full swing.

The 32nd Annual Cherry Blossom Festival promises music, rides and great food.

“Well, pink is cherry blossom,” said Cherry Blossom Executive Director Linda Maddox.

Pink, pink, pink, pink, and pink.

“Pink is cherry blossom festival, pink is pretty, pink is our color and I love pink,” said Maddox.

And if you haven’t guessed already, Linda Maddox is pretty passionate about the color.

“And we even have pink trash cans!” said Maddox.

Corn Dogs and Nachos are one of the many reasons why thousands come out to the festival each year.

And why wouldn’t you?

Linda and her staff are working tireless to make it fun for everyone.

“It’s a wonderful thing I think it does a lot for the city, I think we have more people that come to the Cherry Blossom than any one thing else that I know of,” said Maddox.

Again, she’s talking about thousands of people.

“And they love it. The Cherry Blossoms are beautiful–I’ve always loved pink. But we have so many thing so many diversified things for so many people,” said Maddox.

Wednesday afternoon, the 12-year festival veteran joined her staff to prepare for the pinkest party on Earth.

There are rides and a sand sculpture.

Linda’s love for the festival reflects her love for where she grew up–Macon.

“I was a momma,” said Maddox.

Linda loved her community.

“I volunteered everywhere I could do. I volunteered with this group and that group,” said Maddox.

And when you have that kind of dedication, you start to believe in what you’re doing.

“I think I could sell ice to Eskimos–if I believe in it–only if I believe in it–but if I believe in it I believe I could sell you anything, and I believe in the festival.”

And with attractions like this, you can believe this year’s festival hopes to be a lot  fun.

The festival starts with the opening ceremony at 11:30 Friday morning and will continue throughout next week.

And be sure to stop by the our booth to say hey to some of the 41NBC family.

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