Cherry Blossom Festival staffers already thinking about next year’s plans

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Numbers aren’t in yet from the 10-day period of the Cherry Blossom Festival that draws the biggest crowd, but several staffers say they’re already thinking about things they’ll do differently this year and how the weather played a big part of it.

It’s not over yet, and Cherry Blossom Festival President and C-E-O Jake Ferro, wants you to know that.

He and several volunteers spent the morning grilling up burgers and hot dogs to feed Macon’s homeless and underprivileged for the service part of the festival.

The high volume 10 days that see the biggest crowds, left Ferro a little nervous, but at the end of the day, he’s happy with the turnout.

“In fact, for a ten day period if you can get six or seven good days and we had about eight, and then we had a cold day, and we had a rainy day,” Ferro said. 

A rainy day that essentially cancelled a majority of the festivals activities that day, and also impacted vendor sales.

“I mean we had some glitches along the way, and there’s things that we need to do differently next year, but that’s always the case, but all in all I think we did very well,” Ferro said. 

Other staffers agree.

“We’ve learned a lot from rain events and actually moving events inside. So I think there is a lesson learned every year for us, and it’s a growing process,” Brandon Gardner, the program coordinator of the festival said. 

“We have a after action process that we go through, once the dust from the Cherry Blossom has settled, I guess the pollen has settled. We sit down and pick apart each event and we congratulate each other on what we did well,” Sean Pritchard, the business manager of the festival said. 

Every year, there’s always something to take away. The entire will meticulously review every event, every detail, every inch of pink, to make sure next year is even better.

“People wonder what we do throughout the whole year and that takes up the entire time after the festival,” Pritchard said. 

Again, the Cherry Blossom Festival is not over yet, the finale is slated for this weekend, and that’s the Tunes and Balloons celebration. 

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