Check for expired PPE as new COVID wave approaches

Health experts want to make sure you're prepared and throw out expired PPE.
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Personal Protective Equipment can expire just like medicine and food.
Personal Protective Equipment can expire

MACON, Georgia(41NBC/WMGT)— Just like food products and medicine, your disposable masks purchased during the pandemic have an expiration date.

Bryan Scott, a pharmacist at Scott’s Pharmacy in Macon, says it is extremely important to check those expiration dates if you stocked up in 2020. He describes why it’s important to ensure your PPE is not expired.

“It’s not something that’s going to hurt you as if you might take some expired medication that does different things,” said Scott. “A glove is not going to hurt you, but it just may not be as effective.”

Scott says many people don’t know that a mask can expire. He tells his customers to always check the expiration date. And depending on who uses the mask, determines how well you want your mask to work.

“If you’re a health care professional you’re in contact with people who have Covid-19 obviously you need that mask to be a lot more better than if you’re just  going through the mall and you might be around some people,” said Scott.

According to the North Central Health District all PPE should have expiration dates.

The NCHD says you don’t have to worry about buying expired PPE from pharmacies, because they ensure products are not expired.

“Some of those might not be held within the same standard that more professional level medical equipment might be at so it’s important to know exactly when items will expire,” said Michael Hokanson, the Public Information Officer for the NCHD.

Hokanson says you should also check your at-home Covid-19 test kits.

“You should  read the instructions carefully, and part of that includes knowing whether or not the text is still valid or if it’s an expired piece of medical trash at that point.”

If your PPE did not have an expiration date, Scott says you should throw it our after two years.


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