Caught on Cam: Biker Injured in Road Rage Crash

(NBC NEWS) A Florida motorcyclist says he’s lucky to be alive after a driver ran him off the road Sunday.

Darin Hendrickson said it all started when he got into a heated confrontation with a driver in Sarasota.

“I was brake-checked, we all know what brake-checked is, he slammed on the brakes, and made me try to go into the back end of him and rear-end him,” said Hendrickson.

Moments later, the situation escalated.

Video shows the driver slamming into Hendrickson, sending him tumbling onto the sidewalk.

“I was just like, man, I’m fixing to die. And I just pictured my son, I got a one year old and that guy was all that was flashing through my mind,” said Hendrickson.

Hendrickson was badly bruised, and his bike is totalled.

Detectives with the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office are sharing the video of the confrontation in hopes that someone recognizes it and identifies the driver.

They describe the car as a grey Mazda 3 hatchback with a large white decal on the back window.

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